In 2001 Martin Seligman joined forces with Chris Petersson to find universal characters across borders, languages, culture and religion. They sent out 55 researchers for three years that visited all corners of the world and consulted world leaders, heads of the world religions, philosophers and others and they returned with 24 character strengths, today known as VIA-strengths (Values In Action). 

We know from research that we all have these 24 strengths in us, but research also shows that we each have five of these 24 strengths as top-strengths. Our topstrengths hold immense power and can be a resource that automatically will bring you in a state of well-being.

Our topstrengths are in play when we e.g. experience flow and it can be beneficial to know your topstrengths and bring them in play in your occupation, your career and in learning processes. There is an entire research field in strengths headed by researchers as Ryan Niemic, Alex Linley and Jennifer Fox-Eades.

Strength Academy has developed concrete educational materials to work with strengths in school and has great experience in training teachers in strength work in school and learning processes and from experience we have learned that especially marginalised and vulnerable students respond very well to the resourceperspective in the strength work. For the same reason strengths have been chosen as the intervention in  the project "Ivar the Boneless and Me"

Project Ivar the Boneless


The project is a collaboration between Erhvervsakademiet og Professionsh√łjskolen and Styrkeakademiet ApS. involving schools, institutions and projects that work with marginalized and vulnerable children and adolescents.


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